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Mild to moderate stressors (such as being sick with a cold or the flu or going through stressful times in your life) and usage of antibiotics, can dislodge some of the good and friendly bacteria, thus allowing unhealthy opportunists to overgrow to undesirable levels.


Bringing your microflora back into balance for optimal health is something you may want to consider. At InterPlexus we offer a complete system for microflora rejuvenation. If you have experienced any of the following situations in the last 6 months, you may benefit from a probiotic replenishment course:

  • Being sick (cold, flu, strep throat, etc.)
  • Being under stress (this can be either positive OR negative stress,  such as getting married or losing your job)
  • Taking certain antibiotics
  • Other immune compromising factors


Probiotic with 45 capsules per bottle. Each capsule has 18-20 billion microorganisms.  Fortéfy can also be periodically used for a month after stressful events.X
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