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Homeofresh Toothpaste

$ 7.97

To support your teeth and gums‚ the right toothpaste is essential. However‚ you may want to avoid artificial ingredients. Seroyal’s Homeofresh Toothpaste (Anise Flavor) contains nothing but natural fresh plant extracts like allantoin‚ which comes from comfrey root. Allantoin provides many of the anti-inflammatory effects that may soothe gums. Meanwhile‚ xylitol is a natural sweetener that may inhibit certain cavity-causing bacteria and the formation of plaque‚ while also supporting strong tooth enamel.

This homeopathic toothpaste supports periodontal health‚ while working to fight off gingivitis. Homeofresh’s use of bioactive ingredients supports the natural oral flora ecosystem while stimulating the growth of new‚ healthy tissues. In addition‚ it’s non-abrasive‚ making it less likely to cause harm to your tooth enamel.

Homeofresh Toothpaste is safe for both adults and children! The anise flavor also gives it a subtle licorice taste‚ while helping your mouth look and smell great. Each tube contains 2.5 ounces; use a pea-sized amount every time you brush your teeth


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