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Protease IM

$ 16.97

Natural support for the immune system*


The lymphatic system plays a vital role in immunity. It is

comprised of highly specialized glands called lymph nodes that

filter foreign material and produce immune cells for protection.

Supporting the immune system means supporting the body’s

natural defenses. The proprietary blend of ingredients in

Protease IM helps provide natural support for this all-important

biological system.*

Natural Ingredients. The antioxidants Vitamin C, Vitamin

A, and Zinc are combined with the herbs Astragalus,

Echinacea, Red Clover, Goldenseal, and Quercetin which

are known for their ability to promote overall immune

system function.*

Glandular Support. The animal glandulars raw bone

marrow and thymus are included in this formula with an

enzyme blend with protease for improved delivery.*

Did You Know? Protease IM works best when taken

together with a protease formula such as Protease? When combined

With protease it gives the immune system much needed boost as well as

Supports a healthy lymphatic system for optimum immune benefits.



Take one (1) capsule two times daily

with food or as directed by health

care practitioner.




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