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Raspberry Ketone Liquid Extract

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Dosage: Take one dropper, twice daily. Dropper should appear half full. Drop liquid under tongue and allow 20-30 seconds for absorption, then swallow.* Best taken directly after a meal.


Description: Raspberry Ketone is a huge global weight loss topic right now. There are views on both sides of the fence, but the excitement of the effectiveness of this product came when Dr. Oz recently featured it on his show and stated that it is a “Miracle Fat Burner”! Now, people everywhere are quickly finding out how effective Raspberry Ketone is with reports of weight loss success within just days of use.

Warning: We encourage you to read the labels of other Raspberry Ketone products that claim to actually include the ingredient. There are many that use cheaper imitation versions so look before you buy. Additionally, many products have a higher mg dosage, which can be considered unsafe levels.

Recent studies have shown safety and effectiveness at the dosage our product uses (100mg per dose). Higher milligram doses have been shown to cause a spike in blood pressure, which makes it unsafe for many consumers.

Our high potency (RK) enables us to use sublingual absorption, effectively avoiding gastrointestinal dissruptions (i.e. upset stomach) which can accompany higher doses taken in pill form.

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