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Slender GR

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Slender GR is designed to support a healthy weight management with triple action formula.

Unique support for the dieter and “non-dieter”
The obstacles to maintaining a strict regimen associated with the typical weight loss program are many: navigate healthy food choices, participate in regular physical activity, reduce stress, maintain regular sleep patterns, the list goes on. Slender GR™ was developed as part of a healthy, yet forgiving, eating lifestyle. Slender GR’s triple action formula provides unique metabolic and digestive support for the “less-than-perfect” lifestyle. 

Optimizes sugar and fat metabolism 
Slender GR includes a proprietary enzyme blend called Glucoreductase™, which has been shown to optimize sugar metabolism and help maintain blood sugar levels already within a normal range.Slender GR also includes a lipase Thera-blend™ to improve the proper metabolism of fat. A deficiency in the natural production of lipase may adversely affect the digestive system’s ability to properly digest fat, impacting lipid metabolism and ultimately body fat levels.

Encourages a lower glycemic index
With carb-friendly ingredients, Slender GR supports healthy metabolism of carbohydrate rich foods to maintain blood sugar levels already within a normal range and encourage weight loss. The proprietary enzyme blend Glucoreductase™ converts sugars from starch digestion to form soluble fiber. This conversion of carbohydrates decreases the glycemic index of the foods consumed and promotes healthy digestion. 

  • Rice Bran: Walter Crinnion, a practicing Naturopathic physician and reviewer for the New England Journal of Medicine reminds us, “Elevated levels of fat-soluble toxins have been associated with weight gain. Rice Bran will help increase the amount of toxins we eliminate. The more toxins you encourage to leave your body, the easier it will be for your organs of elimination to do their job, and for your metabolism to burn stored fat for fuel.” An additional benefit of the Rice Bran is that it helps establish and feeling of “satiety,” therefore promoting reduced meal portions.
  • SOD: Research indicates that overweight individuals have less SOD, and experience more oxidative stress due to excess body weight. Made by the body and available in supplement form, SOD provides potent antioxidant defense against oxidative stress.

Supports healthy detoxification
The gluten-free Rice Bran and Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) in Slender GR may promote healthy detoxification, encouraging a comfortable and mild cleanse.

  • Optimizes sugar and fat metabolism 
  • Encourages a lower Glycemic Index 
  • Supports healthy detoxification


Recommended Usage

Take 1 Slender GR™ capsule 15 minutes before each meal. 2 capsules may be taken with larger meals or meals containing starch (pasta, bread or similar). 1-2 capsules may also be taken with a high calorie food or beverage. Daily dosage 3-6 capsules.

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