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ADAPT- Adrenal Support

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Adapt was developed to promote the adaption of individuals to stress. Under stress a person may experience a depletion of critical co-factors that are essential in protein and carbohydrate metabolism.


Furthermore, Adapt was formulated to address common problems encountered in objective stress measurements of thousands of people.

  • A rather common finding in the individuals displaying maladaptation to stress was a tendency toward a pro-catabolic state
  • The hallmark of this abnormal state was rapid utilization and consumption of key nutrients involved in both glycemic control and protein turnover.

Example: Reduction in the quality and quantity of connective tissue (collagen) predisposing individuals to slow healing, skin aging, etc. as a result of an imbalance favoring a pro-catabolic state over a pro-energy one.


 Common uses of Adapt

The most common uses of Adapt include: use in fatigue, lack of vitality, a tendency toward fat accumulation, emotional exhaustion and during stressful situations.



The Synergistic Combination of Nutrients:

  • Enhances the pro-energy state
  • Provides important co-factors in the utilization of DHEA for protein synthesis
  • Promotes glycemic control for a more steady energy delivery
  • Helps in pregnenolone synthesis and utilization



Acts as a cofactor for carboxylation reactions essential to fat and carbohydrate metabolism. It also plays a role in gene expression and gluconeogenesis.


Deficiency can result in dermatitis, glossitis and mental changes e.g., depression, facial rash, alopecia, and weak immunity in severe cases.


B6 (Pyridoxine)

Metabolized in the body to pyridoxal phosphate which acts as a cofactor in many important reactions in blood, CNS and skin metabolism.


B6 is important in heme biosynthesis and in lipid, carbohydrate and Amino Acid metabolism. Deficiency can cause dermatitis, depression, confusion and seizures and anemia in adults.



A component of different enzyme systems, copper plays a role in iron metabolism, energy production, neurotransmitter synthesis and CNS function.


B5 (Pantothenic Acid)

A component of coenzy A (COA) which is involved in fat metabolism and the synthesis of choelsterol and steroid hormones.


Deficiency causes gastrointestinal disturbances, depression, muscle cramps, burning sensation, poor muscle coordination, hypoglycemia, impaired energy production, fatigue, sleep disturbance and adrenal insufficiency.



As an integral component of many metaloenzymes in the body, it is involved in the synthesis and stabilization of proteins, DNA and RNA and plays a structural role in membranes. Zinc is also required for sperm formation.


Deficiency may cause hair loss, skin lesions, diarrhea and wasting of body tissue, weak taste sensation and impaired immune function. Severe chronic deficiency has been described as a cause of hypogonadism.


 Other Ingredients: Vegetable cellulose.


Suggested Use: Take 1-2 capsules with a meal or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.
Free Of Milk, soy, egg and wheat
WarningsIf pregnant, consult you physician before using this or any other product.
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