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B-12 Strips

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B-12 Strips



•Promote Energy

•Promote Cardio Health

•Promote Circulation

•Reduce Stress

•Sublingual and Buccal


•Highly Bio-Available Form of B12

•1000 mcg. of B12

•Convenient to Carry

•Freshens Your Breath

•Naturally Sweetened

•Vegetarian and Gluten Free


Essential Source strips were designed to have a large surface area. As a result,they absorb almost instantly leaving less room for product waste. With most other sublinguals, consumers have the ability to chew and/or swallow too early,causing under utilization of the ingredients.*Another reason they are so popular is just the convenience. It is easier to carrythe tiny cassette than some other sublinguals, liquid drops, or sprays. Since B12is often used for energy, people can take them any time they are in need.*

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