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Emvita 1: Helps with feelings of low self esteem.

Ingredients: Kali carbonicum C800, Calcium carbonicum LM16, Lachesismutus LM18, Najatripudians D21, Pulsatilla D21, Oophorinum bovine D21, Orchitinum bovine D21.


Emvita 2: Helps with inability to concentrate. Aids in putting thoughts in order.

Ingredients: Calcareaphosphorica C800, Veratrum album LM16, Cuprum metallicum LM18, Viperaberus D21, Oophorinum bovine D21, Orchitinum bovine D21.


Emvita 3: Helps with feelings of loss of control, and the inability to cope with life's challenges.

Ingredients:Apismellifica C800, Heparsulphur LM16, Conium maculatum LM18, Bovistagigantea D21, Oophorinum bovine D21, Orchitinum bovine D21.


Emvita 4: Helps with feelings of extreme self-restraint.

Ingredients:Platinum muriaticum C800, Oleumpetrae LM16, Stramoniumfoetidum LM18, Apismellifica D21, Oophorinum bovine D21, Orchitinum D21.


Emvita 5: Helps with feelings of nervousness and upset.

Ingredients: Buforana C800, Pulsatilla vulgaris LM16, Cuprum metallicum LM18, Zincummetallicum D21, Phosphorus D21, Glandulasuprarenalissuis D21.


Emvita 6: Helps to deal with problems of perseverance.

Ingredients:Phosphorus C800, Secalecornutum LM16, Arsenicum album LM18, Lachesismutus D21, Glandulasuprarenalissuis D21.


Emvita 7: Helps with issues in showing strength, or having delusions of grandeur.

Ingredients: Lachesismutus C800, Lycopodiumclavatum LM16, Anacardiumoccidentale LM18, Phosphorus D21, Glandulasuprarenalissuis D21.


Emvita 8: Helps with feelings of isolation and not taking steps to change the situation.

Ingredients: Ammonium carbonicum C800, Graphites LM16, Chininumarsenicosum LM18, California poppy D21, Calcareacarbonica D21, Pancreas suis D21.


Emvita 9: Helps with feelings of exasperation and fury, coupled with the effort of self-control.

Ingredients:Heparsulphur D21, Lycopodiumclavatum C800, Sulphur LM18, Tarantula hispana LM16, Pancreas suis D21.


Emvita 10: Helps with feelings of dissatisfaction. You think you're better then others and think that you're therefore entitled to more. You think you're better then others and think that you're therefore entitled to more.

Ingredients:Agnuscastus D21, Arum triphyllum LM18, Heparsulphur C800, Lachesismutus LM16, Petroleum D21, Pancreas suis D21.


Emvita 11: Helps with feelings of frustration, and feeling cheated out of a sense of well-being. You can feel your own longings.

Ingredients: Cuprum metallicum D21, Ferrummetallicum C800, Ignatiaamara LM18, Secalecornutum D21, Pancreas suis D21.


Emvita 12: Helps with mental overexertion, and the feeling that life is a constant struggle.

Ingredients: Apismellifica C800, Barytacarbonica LM18, Graphites D21, Ignatiaamara LM16, Najatripudians C800, Eschscholtziacalifornica D21, Glandulaethymi D21.


Emvita 13: Helps with feelings of withdrawal - you think that you can't cope with disappointment, so you withdraw into yourself.

Ingredients:Anacardiumoccidentale D21, Bothropslanceolata C800, Calcareacarbonica LM16, Graphites LM18, Glandulaethymi D21.


Emvita 14: Helps with feelings of introversion - you feel like you're closed in with no way out.

Ingredients:Stramoniumfoetidum C800, Moschus LM16, Sulphursublimatum LM18, Hyoscyamusniger D21, Plumbummetallicum D21, Calcareacarbonica D21,

Glandulaethymi D21.


Emvita 15: Helps with feelings of apprehension - you have a great worry weighing down your heart and fear is blocking your life.

Ingredients:Apismellifica C800, Zincummetallicum LM16, Lachesismutus LM18, Phosphorus D21, Glandulaethymi D21.


Emvita 16: Helps to deal with feelings of panic - you feel you'll never be able to overcome old horrors, since they keep coming back and frightening you.

Ingredients:Aconitum napellus C800, Eschscholtziacalifornica LM16, Ambragrisea LM18, Secalecornutum D21, Zincummetallicum D21, Glandulaethymi D21.


Emvita 17: Helps to treat feelings of emotional emptiness.

Ingredients: Barytacarbonica D21, Chininumarsenicicum C800, Graphites LM18, Pulsatilla vulgaris D21, Thyroidinum porcine D21.


Emvita 18: Helps with feelings of being rushed, misunderstood and trouble expressing your opinion.

Ingredients:Agaricusmuscarius C800, Buforana D21, Cuprum metallicum LM18, Iodium D21, Thyroidinum porcine D21.


Emvita 19: Helps with feeling faint-hearted. You are indecisive and afraid of going your own way.

Ingredients: Magnesia carbonica C800, Zincummetallicum LM18, Calcareacarbonica D21, Hypophysis D21.


Emvita 20: Helps with issues of self-sufficiency. You are afraid to open up to others; you have trouble accurately judging yourself and others.

Ingredients:Belladonna baccifera C800, Ignatiaamara LM16, Apismellifica LM18, Magnesia carbonica D21, Phosphorus D21, Pulsatilla vulgaris D21, Hypophysis D21.


Emvita 21: Helps with feelings of over-exhaustion. You feel driven, your body gets no rest, your nerves are on edge and painful neuralgic agents.

Ingredients:Lachesismutus C800, Matricariachamomilla LM18, Magnesia carbonica D21, Arsenicum album D21, Pituitarumposterium porcine D21


Emvita 22: Helps with feelings of restlessness. You constantly brood about problems, your head doesn't get any rest.

Ingredients:Matricariachamomilla C800, Iodium LM16, Anacardiumoccidentale LM18, Crotalushorridus D21, Phosphorus D21, Ambragrisea D21, Pituitarumposterium porcine D21.


Emvita 23: Helps with tense feeling. You are trapped in tension and unable to relax physically or mentally.

Ingredients:Agaricusmuscarius D21, Cuprum metallicum C800, Rhustoxicodendron LM18, Pituitarumposterium porcine D21.


Emvita 24: Helps with feelings of uneasiness. You feel joyless, your own body is a burden, everything hurts.

Ingredients: Crotalushorridus C800, Phosphorus LM16, Matricariachamomilla LM18, Ignatiaamara D21, Hypophysis D21.


Emvita 25: Helps with symptoms of distrust. You don't believe in the good, and you seal yourself off.

Ingredients:Conium maculatum C800, Magnesia carbonica LM16, Apomorphiummuriaticum LM18, Plumbummetallicum D21, Lycopodiumclavatum D21, Cerebellinum porcine D21.


Emvita 26: Helps with issues of materialism. You put material goods at the centre of your existence. You think that you have to fight forcibly for your own survival.

Ingredients:Arsenicum album C800, Lycopodiumclavatum LM16, Plumbummetallicum LM18, Millefoliumofficinale D21, Cerebellinum porcine D21.


Emvita 27: Helps with feelings of not wanting to face reality. You don't want to see and recognize reality, so you conjure up a different world.

Ingredients:Helps with feelings of not wanting to face reality. You don't want to see and recognize reality, so you conjure up a different world. Ingredients Helleborusniger C800, Mandragora LM16, Anacardiumoccidentale LM18, Anhaloniumlewinii D21,...


Emvita 28: Helps with feelings associated with wrong thinking. You think your ideas are always right, even if they obviously hurt someone or are no longer relevant.

Ingredients:Mandragora C800, Hellborusniger LM18, Hyoscyamusniger D21, Cerebellinum porcine D21.X
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