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For the temporary relief of symptoms due to constipation: abdominal bloating, abdominal discomfort, irregularity of bowel movements

Guna-Bowel is not only a powerful detoxifier for the digestive system, but also aneffective homeopathic medicine, indicated for constipation, both spastic and atonic, and a proper regulator of the intestinal function. Together with the correct therapeutic detoxification strategy, Guna-Bowel directs the impregnation toxins towards the intestinal drainage organs. In the homeo-pharmacological structure of GUNA-BOWEL there are three components.

1st component: is represented by plant ingredients at low potency and specific hepatic and intestinal tropism. To be noted is the activity of: Rheum and Aloe for their laxative activity; Carduus and Collinsonia for their regulation of portal stasis; andChelidonium and Taraxacum for their stimulation activity on the liver function, which is of great importance in an effective constipation therapy.

2nd component: is represented by Alumina, Nux vomica and Bryonia, which thanks to their typically intestinal tropism and to the proper potencies present in Guna-Bowel, activate intestinal function and motility.

3rd component: is represented by two organotherapeutic ingredients, Colon Porcine and Rectum Porcine. The former is restorative to proper peristalsis, the latter on the rectal atony forms. NOTE: Guna-Bowel also has an affinity for the protective activity of the intestinal mucosa: thanks to the Cholecalciferol, it preserves the epithelia, while the B vitamin group (Pantothenic acid – Vit. B5 – and Thyaminum hydrochloricum – Vit. B1) improves the intestinal function. Also, due to the presence of scatole in homeopathic potency, it corrects the putrefactive factors at the base of several phenomena of dysbiosis.

Uses: Acute and chronic constipation as well as spastic and atonic constipation; regulator of the intestinal function; detoxification of the digestive system; coadjuvant in the degenerative pathologies of the digestive canal

Adults and children 6 years and older:
10 drops 3 times a day in a little water. Take 15 minutes before meals.
Children 6 years and under: ½ adult dosage

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