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GUNA-Flu stands out from the competition because it contains specific ingredients not only for immune modulation, but also to work on the duration and severity of symptoms. 

For The Temporary Relief of Cold and Flu Symptoms, Such As:
Minor Aches and Pains

Unfortunately‚ you can’t always avoid contracting common illnesses such as the flu‚ the common cold‚ and fever. The viruses that cause these illnesses—as well as the chills—are easily transmitted through the air‚ as well as through contact with objects that have been touched by a person who is sick. Washing your hands frequently with soap and water can help you avoid coming down with a bug‚ but it’s not foolproof. Although you can’t control other people’s actions‚ you can control the speed of your recovery. If you do get sick‚ Guna-Flu may help you get better faster.

The Guna-Flu Monodose Tubes Globules have been manufactured to primarily target three types of ailments. In addition to fever and cold-related conditions‚ the formula is also recommended for relieving occasional body aches and fatigue. Therefore‚ it can be used as a pain reliever when your body is feeling terribly fatigued after a hard day’s work.



Consult your healthcare professional for specific directions


Contains 6 tubes of homeopathic pellets in each box

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