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For Temporary Relief of Symptoms due to Inflammation such as Loss of Energy, Poor Concentration, Minor Aches & Pains.

Your body was designed to keep you healthy. Believe it or not‚ one of the ways it does this is through inflammation. Whenever you have an infection or injury‚ immune cells travel through your bloodstream to the site of the problem; this increases the blood flow around the infection or injury‚ causing the area to grow warm and red. As your immune cells battle the microorganisms (dangerous invaders) that cause infection and disease‚ the area swells slightly to indicate inflammation. Therefore‚ inflammation is a major weapon in your immune system’s arsenal.

Unfortunately‚ the immune system sometimes turns against your body‚ attacking it as if it were an invader; when this happens‚ chronic inflammation often results. This condition is more common than you might expect: modern medicine now acknowledges that inflammation is the main cause of a number of illnesses and allergies. Chronic inflammation has even been found to be a contributing factor in aging.

To reduce inflammation‚ doctors typically tell you to exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet with lots of fruits‚ vegetables‚ and fish. However‚ these tips may not be effective alone‚ and you may still need to supplement your diet with products like GUNA Biotherapeutics’ Guna-Matrix.

Guna-Matrix is formulated specifically to temporarily relieve inflammation that leads to allergies‚ chronic discomfort‚ and aging. 


Recommended Dosage: 

Adults take 10 drops in water‚ three times a day.

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