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Hawthorn Young Shoot

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Descriptions: Hawthorn grows everywhere across Europe, except in the regions where Olive grows. It is a thorny plant from the Rosacea family and became the symbol of longevity due to its actions on the heart and brain.

The main focus of Hawthorn is as a cardiac tonic for enhanced cardiac perfusion and cerebral irrigation. There is a high concentration of glycosides in its young shoots, which help regulate heart rate via cardiac impulses and myocardial tonus. 

Hawthorn has positive ionotropic properties to reinforce the force and amplitude of ventricular contractions, negative chronotropic actions to slow a rapid heart rate, dromotropic positive actions to facilitate neurocardiac impulses, repolarization and correction of ST depressions, and is bathmotropic positive to facilitate cardiac excitability. Lastly, Hawthorn is a normo-tensio-regulator for balancing vascular tone. 

Hawthorn must be stopped prior to ECGs and has a risk of long lasting enhancement and interference with cardiac medications therefore extreme care must be taken before administering.X
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