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Lymphomyosot Aids and Assists in:

  • Maintenance of a healthy immune & lymphatic system
  • Maintaining peripheral circulation
  • Promoting natural detoxification and elimination
  • Maintaining a Healthy Immune and Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system consists of lymphoid tissue and a network of vessels that carry the clear fluid called lymph. Lymphoid tissue is found in many organs, particularly the lymph nodes, and in the lymphoid follicles associated with the digestive system such as the tonsils. The system also includes all the structures dedicated to the circulation and production of lymphocytes, which includes the spleen, thymus, bone marrow and the lymphoid tissue associated with the digestive system.

The functions of the lymphatic system can be divided into primary roles:

  • Detoxification
  • Regulation of Immune Function
  • Fluid and Protein Balance
  • Digestion
  • Transportation of Nutrients

Diseases and other problems of the lymphatic system can cause oedema and other symptoms of fluid balance. Problems with this system can compromise the body's immunity.

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