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Pleo- Fort (Fortakehl)

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The following dosage forms are available; drops, capsules, tablets, sips and suppositories




•    For all gastrointestinal issues
•    Digestive mycosis
•    Rebalancing gastrointestinal symbiosis

 Active ingredient: Penicillium Roquefortii Fortakehl® 5x Drops liqiod dilution for oral intake, rubbing in or inhalation.

Composition: 1 ml liquid dilution contains: Medically active substance: 1 ml Penicillium roquefortii 5X dil. Other constituents: purified water.


Characteristics: Pleo Fort (Fortakehl) is obtained from the mold fungus Penicillium roquefortii; it is not an antibiotic and does not produce antibiotic substances. Therefore, there is no occurrence of side effects that may occur during an antibiotic treatment, such as allergies, liver damage, destruction of the intestinal flora, and the formation of penicillin-resistant strains.

Pleo Fort (Fortakehl ) is given at the beginning of symbiosis recovery treatment for all intestinal mycoses and, consecutively, for all other mycoses, such as those of the vaginal region, the skin and the mouth.

According to Enderlein, the blood of humans and all mammals always contains the so-called Endobiont of a plant origin. The most primitive form of the Endobiont is the apathogenic colloidal stage, characterized by tiny protein particles in the size of viruses (0.01 μm). A developmental cycle of primitive forms via the bacterial phase, up to the fungal stage is initiated by endogenic and exogenic factors whereby the virulence of the parasite increases with the rising developmental stage.

There is no human being who has not acquired this Endobiont via the placenta and is not hosting at least the primitive stages in his cells and body fluids. In the healthy body, these primitive forms serve as regulators because they are able to mate with cyclogenetically higher parasite forms and to degrade them to lower stages. The body must then eliminate their debris from the body. When a complete elimination via skin, intestine, kidneys and bronchi is not possible another upward cycle may develop. To avoid this, the elimination or destruction needs to be supported by appropriate preparations.

Promotion of symbiosis in dysbacteria and for destroyed mucosa (muto be administered in cous membranes), gastritis, enteritis, colitis syndrome with cholecystitis cases of: and pancreatitis with the following complaints: diarrhea, constipation, vomitus, gastric ulcer, mycoses of the intestine, the vagina, and the skin.

Suggested use: Dependent on the advice of the physician or health care professional.

Precautions: As with all medications and due to the variations of clinical studies, professional medical advice should be sought prior to recommending this product to women during pregnancy or breastfeeding, as well as with children.  

 Contraindications: In cases of known hypersensitivity to Penicillium roquefortii, as a precaution, this preparation should not be administered.

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