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QuintEssential 0.9

$ 59.97

This formula is the same as Original Quinton Isotonic, but easier to dispense orally.


Without adequate levels of all major and minor minerals as well as trace elements the body's ability to function properly is impeded and ultimately disrupted. Understanding the importance of re-establishing mineral balance in our bodies is one of the first steps we can take towards restoring wellness and excellent health.

QuintEssential™ 0.9 Bioterrain Restore contains all the minerals and trace elements in the same proportions as they occur in blood plasma. A number of elements are to be found only in traces, yet they are known to be essential to the assimilation of vitamins by the body, thereby making them indispensable to the health of the human organism.


QuintEssential™ facilitates the re-establishment of your body's proper mineral balance and assists in the absorption of nutrients and vitamins and provides support to the astounding 20,000+ enzymatic reactions in which minerals play a pivotal role. When we restore our mineral balance to our extra-cellular fluids, every cell, organ, and tissue begins to respond and function as they were intended.


QuintEssential BioTerrain Restore 0.9 is the most gentle formula and is ideal if for a sensitive system, detoxification, and restoration. Patients report benefits for deeper sleep, emotional and physical balance, recovery from sports and exertion, and relaxation. QuintEssential 0.9 is a good way to start your protocol if your constitution is weaker.

Suggested Use :

One vial in the morning, preferably on empty stomach and one vial at bedtime, preferably on empty stomach. Up to 4 drinkable vials can be used in one day.


  • Prenatal Care: Supports optimal fetal development.
  • Pediatrics: Supplements nutritional intake, optimal growth and development, and cellular hydration.
  • Gynecology: Supports optimal glandular function, vaginal health, and supports normal menstrual cycle.
  • Dermatology: Restores mineral balance necessary for optimal formation of the collagen matrix.
  • Respiratory Health: Helps normalize respiratory function after acute or prolonged stress.
  • Dental Applications: Helps to strengthen gums and promote optimal oral pH and proliferation of healthy oral bacteria.
  • Gastro-Intestinal Health: Normalizes intestinal and physiological pH; Supports the healthy proliferation of probiotics in the intestines; and facilitates the metabolism of amino acids.
  • Hormonal Production: Supports optimal hormonal production due to the presence of bio-available minerals and amino acids.
  • Neurology: Supports optimal brain function and neuronal development.  
  • Cellular Nutrition — Genetic Nutrition — Immune Support Detoxification Natural Rehydration — Intestinal Wellness


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