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SyResp Tablets

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For Treatment of Acute and Chronic Respiratory Infections, Persistent Cough

PURCHASE POLICY FOR THIS PRODUCT: This product requires a doctors permission. 

In order to purchase this product you can either have your doctor contact our office and give us permission; or, you can schedule a complementary introductory 15 minute consultation with Dr. Ash. (Consults longer then 15 minutes are charged at $75 per each 15 minutes.) 

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Made from the metabolites of Aspergillus niger, the new SyResp tablets and lotions have arrived on the US market.

Syntrion president and biochemist Ronald Ullmann points out that SyResp demonstrates specific efficacy against typical pathogens known to cause respiratory tract infections, including aspergillomas, the outbreak of which may lead to frequent coughing and expectoration of yellow/yellow-brown mucus. Because coughs caused by aspergillomas outbreaks are especially prevalent when the immune system is weak, SyResp assists renewal of the mechanisms of a healthy immune system responsible for the long term health of the respiratory tract.

The new remedy also helps inactivate the pathogens responsible for illness. Therefore, SyResp is ideal for the treatment of acute and chronic respiratory tract infections.

According to a recent Mayo Clinic study, one in seven Americans suffers from acute fungal sinusitis primarily caused by Aspergillus niger spores. These spores are commonly found both indoors and outdoors. Every human being inhales them on a daily basis. If the immune system is weakened by respiratory inflammation, it is possible for the spores to infect the lung. Therefore, SyResp is an ideal therapeutic agent for all sorts of respiratory tract illnesses caused by a weakened immune system.

Because of its appearance, an aspergilloma is often referred to as a "fungal ball". Aspergilloma infection leads to infection and growth of fungal mycelia in respiratory cavities, such as the sinuses, or cavities formed by previous respiratory disorders, such as tuberculosis. The mycelia form into a clump which envelops itself in a protein layer and forms spores on the surface which may later disperse. An aspergilloma is usually caused by Aspergillus niger.

Use on test patients has shown SyResp's impressive efficacy

 SyResp Tablets | Syntrion

Active ingredient
Aspergillus niger 6X

Inactive ingredients
cellulose*, lactose, magnesium stearate*

For treatment of respiratory tract infections.

Stop use and ask a doctor if symptoms persist. As with any drug, if pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a health professional before use. Keep out of reach of children.

Adults: Dissolve 1 tablet in mouth or under tongue away from meals, 3 times daily, or as directed by a licensed practitioner. Consult a practitioner about children’s dosages.


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